What we do

A complete membership management system

We provide a complete membership management system that meets all your membership management needs, across all departments. We combine our own functionality-rich core CRM with digital and web services to deliver operational efficiencies for you.  We enable engagement and self-service for your members, through member portals and online communities.


Core back office systems that deliver operational efficiency

digital and
web services

Creative digital & web services that enable engagement and self-service


Securely connect members and facilitate collaboration

A complete membership
management system

All the CRM and digital tools you need to provide a fully integrated experience


Our open systems allow you to easily integrate and share data with your other key best-of-breed applications to give a holistic insight into your operations and membership. These are just some of the many third-party applications we integrate with.

accounts package integration

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API integration with other productivity tools

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events & communications integration

e-learning integration

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bulk email integration

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website & CMS integration

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oomi CRM

core back office systems that deliver operational efficiency

oomi CRM has the widest range of modules specifically designed around the requirements of the membership and NFP sector. They deliver powerful functionality and can be tailored and configured to meet your organisation’s exact needs.

Our web-based modular CRM also gives you the flexibility to make changes that will adapt the system as your and your members’ needs change – without the associated costs.

oomi CRM is cloud-based, so it is available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Whether it’s front line staff talking to users on the phone or management reviewing essential reports, your staff will have access to full and accurate information at all times, from one database, on your dashboard.

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oomi modules

  • manage complex organisational and individual relationships
  • manage and record all communications
  • apply and manage attributes/profile tags to assist with marketing and personalised communications
  • dashboards and reporting

  • manage multi-day, multi-stream conferences to small seminars
  • manage one-off or rolling webinars
  • optional – record CPD points against contacts / Automatically award CPD points to event attendees

  • manage complex and multi-layered membership schemes
  • manage corporate, individual, joint schemes or all three
  • manage rolling renewals, annual renewals or both
  • handle payments ranging from direct debit, credit cards to BACS payments

  • manage and track all in-bound revenue lines
  • raise invoices and credit notes

  • manage fundraising campaigns and giving programmes
  • create donor journeys and communication plans with automated messaging

  • create and manage grants/awards for applications
  • view applications, assign for review and manage the approval process

  • create and manage a wide range of product lines, including books, magazines, PDF downloads, room hire etc
  • manage magazine or publication subscriptions
  • create and manage simple or complex subscriptions bundles
  • integration available to publishers if required
  • option to integrate with an online shop via an oomi web portal area
  • option to integrate with 3rd party online shops like Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce via REST API

  • manage internal and external matters, such as complaints, compliance issues or data breaches
  • record all communications and set automated reminders and tasks

  • manage the related members of a committee
  • keep track of committee position periods and tenure
  • set automated action and reminders for posts due for re-election
  • record all communications, meeting minutes and future actions

  • create and manage new leads into sales opportunities for any type of revenue stream

  • oomi provides social media integration of contacts and organisations with Facebook and twitter (hashtags, no of followers, no of following, number of tweets). This is bundled with the oomi CRM module

  • Manage complex exams and educational programmes
  • Manage and maintain question banks
  • Export examiner mark sheets and import back into oomi once completed by examiner
  • Record modules or exam results and marks

  • Manage ongoing training courses
  • Delivered in one setting or at multiple settings on different dates

  • Manage an accreditation process for individuals or organisations
  • Manage moderators or assessors as part of review process

Our Members and Fellows are at the very heart of the organisation, and this technology allows us to engage with them far more deeply than we have ever been able to.

Dr Steve Graham
Chief Executive,
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Complete membership management

Find out how oomi can help you and your members
Digital & web services

creative digital & web services that enable engagement and self-service

It’s essential that your website delivers an engaging and connected experience for your current and prospective members.

Our digital and web services team focuses on the delivery, design and development of client websites and membership portals.

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We provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure you have a modern, compliant, accessible, engaging and functional website and members portal that supports member self-service, and integrates fully with your CRM.

We can build you a new website or integrate with your existing website to deliver an engaging and connected experience for your customers, members, volunteers, and employees.

You can rely on our user-experience (UX) and design skills, combined with our sector knowledge, to provide your member’s an easy and enjoyable online experience.

We can ensure you support all the key activities and transactions that your members want online, and remove the administration burden of sharing and syncing data between your membership CRM and web content management system (CMS).

Having a single supplier for CRM and CMS can help simplify management and reduce costs and errors.

We have experts who specialise in UI/UX, CMS development, project management, and CRM integration.

Our digital and web
services include:

  • our team of full-stack developers are experts at all aspects of dealing with content management systems. we offer website creation, complex content migrations, as well as around the clock maintenance.

  • we can design and deliver a members portal that supports member self-service, and integrates fully with your CRM

  • we offer high quality website design. our focus is on ensuring your branding is well represented, and our blend of modern trends, usability and web accessibility, is at the heart of our creative solutions.

  • extend your high-quality website design and branding through to your email solutions with our tailored design and development.

  • our services & support means your website will always continue to be improved upon, and ensure not only it remains free of issues, but the regular addition of new features and requirements.

  • oomi REST APIs are an integral part of our infrastructure. oomi is your source of truth, and with our api integration, your websites and your members’ details will always be up-to-date, secure, and available.

  • we ensure fast, reliable, and consistently monitored web hosting. being a software solution company, we understand how imperative it is to be consistently online, with high performance.

  • we offer an extremely wide range of web and digital consulting services. whether it be for technology direction, website performance, website appearance, usability, web accessibility, and more.

oomi digital services team were very helpful and proactive from the start. We can now confidently modify and update content as well as layouts on the website and there is so much less risk of things going wrong.

Jessica Parker Head of Membership and Events,
Wine & Spirit Trade Association

Complete membership management

Find out how oomi can help you and your members
Online communities

Transform member engagement, retention, and strategic decision-making

We provide a robust and versatile online communities platform that empowers both you and your members. It’s the perfect arena where engagement, sharing, debate, and discussion can flourish within a safe, secure and meticulously controlled environment.

Online communities

a tailored approach to member support

Our communities platform offers an innovative approach to support specific groups within your organisation. It gives you the flexibility to cater to diverse member needs. These groups can encompass a wide array of categories, including special interest groups, sector-specific members, committees, working groups, special project teams, or even event delegates.

Online communities

adding value and boosting member retention

Facilitating member interaction through communities isn’t just a feature; it’s a strategic advantage. It adds tremendous value to your organisation’s offering and plays a pivotal role in member retention. When your members have a dedicated space to engage, they’re less inclined to seek out other communities or resort to public social media platforms. oomi empowers you to create a sense of belonging and exclusivity, making your organisation the go-to destination for like-minded individuals.

Online communities

deep insight, informed decisions

Communities are more than just discussion hubs; they’re invaluable sources of insight. By providing your members with a platform to interact, you gain unparalleled access to their interests, concerns, and the topics that drive their agenda. This deep understanding equips you to make informed decisions, tailor your services, and proactively address the evolving needs of your members and communities.

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Our communities
platform includes:


  • within each group, our platform includes a dedicated discussions module
  • engage actively in conversations on various topics, with search functionality and date filters for easy navigation


  • the members directory module offers visibility into group members
  • easily search for specific members using the directory’s search functionality


  • administrators can post and share important updates and announcements with the entire group, keeping users up to date on latest information


  • generate excitement with our events module
  • create and manage events with essential details such as event name, location and date


  • enable direct communication among group members with our private messaging feature


  • our files module simplifies document sharing
  • upload and store PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for easy access


  • empower users to report inappropriate content with our dedicated moderation module, ensuring adherence to community guidelines


  • identify user behaviour and preferences in order to make data-driven decisions and provide content, discussions and features which are most engaging

Complete membership management

Find out how oomi can help you and your members

at oomi, we believe we bring a different approach to the membership sector by providing:

Long-term collaborative approach with our customers

Giving you a greater influence over your membership CRM and its development path.

Holistic approach to membership management

Offering you the option to invest in a single supplier for membership CRM, portals, website, and communities.

Open systems with application programming interfaces

Allowing you to easily integrate our systems and share data with your other key best-of-breed systems and application.

Unrivaled low-code configuration tools

Giving you control and self-sufficiency in implementing new, and changing existing, features.

Powerful digital marketing integration

Enabling you to support and improve engagement with your members.

In-built automation and scheduling

Reducing your administration overheads and driving internal efficiencies.

Latest web integration technology

Helping drive up your digital engagement and prevent data silos


Reducing risk and delivering a more cost-effective way to manage major change projects.

Frequently asked questions

It can take a few weeks, or a few months, and varies due to many factors. These include the current state of your data, the level of process change that the new system is supporting, the amount of integration required, and the number and types of functional modules you need. A key factor determining implementation time is the resources that are available from your organization to work with us on the project. As our system is modular, any implementation can be phased, focusing on priority elements first and breaking down the project to manageable milestones. We work with you to create a clear timetabled and resourced plan for implementation, with key milestones set.

“The oomi team has been exceptionally professional in managing the transition from our old CRM system in an extremely tight timeframe.”

Bryan Turner,
Chief Operating Officer, Finance and Leasing Association

We are not the cheapest, but we do deliver great ROI for organisations ranging from 3 staff to over 100s.. Expect an initial investment for start up and then a rolling subscription fee. Prices is reliant on so many dependencies, relating to your size, the range of your activities, other systems you wish to integrate with, and the state of your data. Why not talk to us and we can give a guide pricing for your current situation?

oomi is an independent company, and has been for 30 years. We use our own technology and IPR. This means we’re not reliant on third party platforms or held hostage to their fees or developments. And we do not have to answer to a larger corporate owner, which can cause conflicting priorities. This ensures we are closer to our customers, and put their needs first. Our active User Group ensures that your voice is heard, and acted upon, when we are planning improvement and developments. Many of the challenges associated with membership systems are linked to a dependency on the vendor when looking to make changes. Our web-based modular CRM gives you the flexibility to make changes at will and adapt the system as your organisation changes – without the associated costs. This puts you in total control of your CRM.

“We’ve stayed with oomi because it’s proved very successful for us and continues to provide a flexible and agile solution with a high level of reliability that continues to meet our needs.”

John Lloyd,
Chief Executive, The Nautical Institute, oomi user since 1991

No. In fact, many of our customers move to use from MS Dynamics or CiviCRM based systems due to the high cost of maintaining and updating them.

That depends on your website and what you mean by integration. But our web team can guide you on the best approach for this to ensure your website and CRM work together in the most effective way possible.

“The seamless integration of our website with membership and event management has freed the team up enormously.”

Helen Davies,
Head of Membership and Professional Development, Healthcare Infection Society

We can integrate and work with most of the commonly used finance systems, such as Sage and Xero. There are many ways a CRM and finance system can share data, so it also depends on what you mean by ‘integration’. Find out more on the CRM and financial system webinar, or talk to us and we can discuss your specific situation and needs.

“It could integrate with the Xero system to automate invoicing and free up staff to do crucial jobs like member engagement.”

Amy Swain,
Director, Member and Stakeholder Engagement, The Association of Foreign Banks

No, we can integrate and work with most of the commonly used CMS.

Our CRM uses Application Programming Interfaces (API) to enable integration and data sharing with other open systems. So the dependency here is whether your key business systems are open for integration. We’d be happy to discuss your specific situation and needs.

Their integration capabilities in particular impressed us.

Richard Hayward,
Head of PR and Communications, Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

Yes, they are an essential part of the oomi CRM. They can be customised to each user’s specific needs.

“What I really like about oomi is the automation and reporting….and I love the dashboard. IC an see all my membership data within reports in a view that customised to just the way I like it.”

Helen Davies,
Head of Membership and Professional Development, Healthcare Infection Society