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We passionately believe that exceptional customer care
is at the heart of contact relationship management (CRM)


With our first ever customer still with us over 22 years later; we passionately believe that exceptional customer care is at the heart of contact relationship management (CRM).

oomi is our very latest CRM solution and it has been developed with a very specific brief in mind; to provide organisations with a cloud-based Social CRM solution that is completely configurable and that is socially connected.

Many of the challenges associated with CRM for organisations are linked to a dependency on the vendor when looking to make changes. Our cloud-based Social CRM gives you the flexibility to make changes that will adapt the system as your organisation changes – without the associated costs.

oomi will build you a new website or integrate with you rexisting website to deliver a complete one stop solution for all of your CRM and Webiste needs.

Having a world-class leading CRM is not enough these days. To stay ahead of the sector, you also need to be connected. oomi is a true ‘Social CRM’, meaning your communities are fully linked into your CRM to give you the full picture.

High quality scalable systems combined with exceptional customer care and service positions us as a strong supplier of Social CRM. To understand what oomi could do for your organisation, contact us for a product demonstration.


  • Exceptional customer care and service
  • Delivering innovation in the NFP sector for over 22 years
  • First to market social CRM systems
  • We provide high quality scalable systems at an affordable prices
  • oomi is a one stop solution answering all of your CRM and website needs
  • We share our experience and knowledge of the NFP sector with our clients to enable them to succeed
  • Over 22 years of experience in the Not-for-Profit sector and in supplying membership and fundraising software
  • We understand the needs and constraints of the NFP sector


At oomi we love to talk specification, contact us for more information or product demonstration

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