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a fully integrated engagement management system for charities and other NFPs

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Manage donor and supporters across all channels

There is a myriad number of ways in which donors and supporters can interact and engage with charitable and NFP organisations today – LinkedIn, Google Adwords, social media, automated emails and an organisation’s website to name but a few. Like all forms of marketing, each channel needs to be as automated as possible and tracked to measure its success and return on investment, all of which can be achieved with a good Social CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system.

oomi is a true social CRM that meets all of your organisation’s needs, across all departments. It delivers the tools to help organisations attract, engage and retain donors and supporters, whilst at the same time improving internal working processes.

oomi is a cloud-based solution that easily integrates with your existing website or we can build you a new website to deliver a true end to end solution. Your donors and supporters will receive an engaged and connected experience, creating real value for them and your organisation.

With oomi you can:

  • Configure your processes and workflows as your organisation evolves without needing any help or intervention from us – putting you in control and saving you time and money
  • Get up and running within a matter of weeks, without challenging your IT department’s resources. oomi is a high quality, scalable solution that easily integrates with your existing website
  • Integrate public social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter; develop your own private social network or adopt a social networking strategy that incorporates both.
  • Select from our vast range of oomi modules that have been developed on the back of over 28 years’ experience of operating in the NFP sector. They provide powerful functionality that is specifically based around the requirements of NFP organisations.
  • Configure individual modules to meet your specific needs; all modules can be configured to your exact requirements without ever needing to code; allowing you to stay at the centre of your valuable community.
  • Allow donors and supporters to update their details and donate online helping to increase funding and growth.

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Find out more about oomi CRM and its modules for NFP on our resources page

A fully integrated Engagement Management System for the NFP sector - combining CRM, Website, Collaboration, Engagement & Social Media.

oomi is available anytime, on any device and truly agile for your changing organisational needs.

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